Hey! I'm
Rosemary Brocco

I help female coaches and healers break codependency with their business and have the freedom and lifestyle they desire, without working so damn hard in the process.

(Freedom and fulfillemt... here we come!)

Before we get to the part about me, here's what I know about you...


  • You've got an amazing business, but you still have a sinking feeling that there's something missing, and quite frankly, you're tired of the hustle.

  • You want to wake up every day on fire about life, and you want to be surrounded by people and situations that enhance and support that.

  • You want to have a deeper connection with yourself, and have a symmetry, a balance between your inner and outer worlds. 

  • You are ready to live in the magic of life, and not on a whim, but all the time, every day.

  • You crave being unapologetically YOU, in your life, in your work, and in your relationships. 

Let's rewind to circa 2009

I was doing everything "right". 

Taking care of myself physically. Going after my dreams... I owned a yoga studio and was coaching clients privately. My clients and students loved me and were getting amazing results working with me. I believed that connection, confidence and fulfillment came through following your heart and building your dreams, and I was on a mission to do just that.

And that wasn't all I was doing...

...I was doing...

...yoga, meditation, affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, traditional therapy, EFT, PSYCH-K, studying spirituality, psychology, and even doing psychedelic drugs... all in an effort to find the missing link, the thing that was holding me back from... my ultimate freedom.

And still that place of feeling fulfilled and lit up was nowhere in sight. Sure, from the outside I looked like I was living the dream, but inside… I was a hot mess.

The realization that having the courage to go after my dreams wasn't enough, was a rude awakening for me

I’ll never forget the moment one of my mentors looked at me and said, Rosemary, you’re still looking for happiness on the outside… it has to be found on the inside. 


Even with all the inner work I was doing, I was still missing the key ingredient, myself. 

It wasn't even that the things I was doing were bad or didn't work, it was that I was ignoring all the red flags in my relationship with ME.

This is when I stepped into a whole new relationship... with vulnerability.

And it wasn’t just vulnerability, I looked in the face of all of the emotions that needed my attention and was shocked to find things like… self-doubt, shame, insecurity (I mean, I did what few people had the courage to do. I went after my dreams. I opened my own business. People were experiencing life-changing results working with me... how could I still be shame-ridden and insecure?)

I went back to my childhood and realized, and released, all the pain and disappointment I had been carrying around since then. Not to mention the baggage and heartbreak from decades worth of failed and toxic relationships. 

It only took 3 months of doing this work to witness my entire life, inside and out, transition into something magical and amazing. 

I mean everything shifted for the better.

And through that work, my brainchild was born…

Self Synergy™

A combination of my 10+ years studying science and spirituality and the piece that was missing... the inner workings of your own heart, soul and psyche.

The results? A timeless approach to discovering your true depth and the unshakable comfort and confidence found there. Because it's based on a strategy that doesn't find you or fix you, it reveals the perfection that is already within you

And this didn't just work for me, here are some of my client results...

...Debb found the courage and confidence to launch a program that had been on the back burner for years.

...Shannon healed paralyzing anxiety that she had been working on for 20+ years, in just two weeks of working together.

...Alana took her power and mental space back from the negative people in her life and suddenly had clients showing up out of the woodwork, without marketing or promotions of any kind.

...Johanna doubled her client work and booked her entire business schedule a year in advance after just a few weeks of working together.

...Cheryl broke the cycle of toxic relationships, had her most lucrative month in her business and started attracting new, high-caliber people and situations into her life.

Every single one of them connected with their power and the truth of who they are, and there are many more results, just like these.

If you are ready to infuse your life with more of your truth, and step up into the greatest version of yourself click the button below and apply to work with me.

Your next level is waiting for you, all you have to do is step up and meet it.