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Rosemary is a Trauma Transformation Coach and a Business Coach for coaches and healers. In her late 20’s, after a lifetime of struggle with self-worth, failed relationships and financial hardship she realized that the sexual, psychological and emotional abuse she experienced in her childhood was still impacting her adult life.

Having tried therapy with little to no results, she began studying psychology and the impact childhood trauma has on our adult lives. What she learned was that most of us are walking around traumatized without even knowing it. And that in order to heal and reclaim our lives we must reach, not only the pain in our hearts, but the negative programs left behind in our subconscious minds.

Through a multitude of certifications in alternative healing and nearly two decades of experience, research and application she has created her own system for healing all aspects of our inner and outer worlds.

Rosemary’s mission is to not only help others heal their lives through healing their trauma, but to redefine our very understanding of what childhood trauma really is.

“We tend to think of trauma as only the big things, like physical and sexual abuse, but the truth is, trauma comes in many shapes and sizes and until we resolve it, it will continue to negatively impact every aspect of our lives”

Along her path to healing Rosemary became inspired to help other. In addition to studying trauma and its impact, she became a yoga teacher and studied coaching and marketing to near obsession!

It didn't take long for her to discover that there were other trauma survivors who were also feeling called to use what they'd been through and learned to impact the world. She now also assists these beautiful, insightful beings in the creation of their dream business. 

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