6-Month Mentorship Program

To help you embrace your authentic power and unlock the next level of your personal and professional evolution



6-Month Mentorship Program

To help you embrace your authentic power and achieve the next big dream on your list, with ease.


I feel you,
alpha women 

When you set out to do something, you do it (and you've got the stable business or career to prove it!)

BUT you're still struggling to fully own your power, and live a life that feels lit up from within.

And all the tools, techniques and strategies you've been doing? Those aren't working this time, and you aren't sure why because you feel like they should be working (and then you worry that you just might be broken or crazy).

And you're tired of living in your head trying to figure it out on your own...

You want a cutting edge system, quantum leap results and an experienced mentor who cares about your
transformation as much as you do

You want personalized mentorship

  • Quit riding the self-help see-saw and getting lost down the research rabbit hole and focus on feeling as comfortable. in your own skin as everyone thinks you are, having mind-blowing relationships and living a life that transforms the world and echos through eternity.

  • Kiss the inner critic, self-sabotage and the internal/external struggle goodbye so you can flow effortlessly towards even your wildest dreams - and feel damn good about yourself in the process.

  • Go beyond the surface and get to the root of what's holding you back so you can experience deep, lasting results that build the kind of freedom that starts now and lasts a lifetime. 

  • Stay true to who you are and never fake it till you make it again so you can live authentically and attract everything you want and need from a place of Truth and Integrity.

  • Wake up every day feeling aligned, grateful and genuinely happy (without needing to practice your way into it) and create the time, spaciousness and freedom in your life for the other things you love.

Freedom is your birthright, desire comes from your soul and everything you've ever dreamed of can be yours

6 Month 
Immersion Program

We spend 6 months working intimately on your life and transformation 

6 Month Immersion Program

We spend 6 months working intimately on your life and transformation 

  • An unbreakable connection with your most authentic self and unshakable confidence to back that up where people can feel you when you walk into a room... you are the person holding your head high and owning the truth of who you are.

  • Dismantle the blocks and barriers that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck and have a timeless system to carry into the future so that you can continue to expand, evolve and grow whenever you want, without a hitch.

  • Know yourself inside and out and feel comfortable in your own skin in any situation, so that all of your needs are met, you hold healthy boundaries (organically) and so you can be a boss-babe that doesn't double as a doormat.

  • Own the unique gifts you were born with and those you picked up throughout your life and shine those badboys out, not only into your life but in your work, your relationships and every interaction you have.

  • Tap into the magic of life and live in a constant stream of coincidence, synchronicity and signs, so you can connect with your greatest dreams, goals and desires and watch Life show up to support you and bring them to fruition, with ease.

Rosemary saved my life... sounds extreme, but it's true! She shifted me from depression and despair into a level of joy and motivation that's impacted EVERYTHING in my life. I don't know anyone who has such a firm understands of the mind-body connection and how to engender change in someone's life. This work has helped me connect with my heart, take charge of my life and really attain my dream life.


Meeting Rosemary has changed my life, for the better, forever. She gave me the tools I needed to achieve my goals, the guidance I needed to believe in myself, the wisdom I needed to achieve real success, and the support I needed to achieve Happiness. I am the greatest person I can be because of the beautiful person Rosemary is and the incredible knowledge she so generously shares. 


Rosemary set my life on a whole new trajectory. She helped me release debilitating anxiety, find myself, find my voice and create genuine confidence in myself. I no longer have a constant stream of negative voices running through my head, my relationships have shifted to a whole new level, I've transitioned from the corporate world to working for myself, and I feel steady, grounded and sure of who I am! 



This is where we shift all the fear, doubt, and second-guessing out of the way so that you can bring your deepest and greatest self out into the world with an unshakable 'take the world by storm' confidence that catapults you into the next level of your evolution.

The key to building a truly extraordinary life is being aligned with that life, on all levels. This is where we release all of the blocks and barriers that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck so that you can become absolutely unphased and unstoppable.

Now that you are in alignment with who you are and what you want, we can connect you with the magic of life. A constant stream of signs, synchronicity, and magic showing up for you - on the daily - so that you can flow through life with confidence and ease.

Package overview

  • Lifetime access to my online course, Inner Alchemy my entire system and everything you need to know to transform your internal and external worlds, including all future add-ons and revisions. 

  • Two 120-Minute Weekly Laser Seat Coaching Sessions (for 3 months) 2 live weekly small group coaching sessions where we'll reprogram your subconscious mind, emotions and body to align with confidence, clarity, abundance and love.
    NOTE: these are intimate group coaching sessions that never exceed 12 participants so that everyone receives the guidance and transformation they need. 

  • Unlimited 60-Minute Personal Coaching Sessions (for 3 months, by invitation) these are one-to-one personalized sessions where we create the freedom to live life on your terms and in total alignment with your heart and soul by using cutting-edge techniques to re-write the mental and emotional patterns that you picked up in childhood (yes, you have them, we all do).

  • 24/7 Email Access (for 6 months) in between our sessions so that you don't have to wait to get your questions answered. I'm walking this path with you, every step of the way, for 6 months.

  • Exclusive Access To The Inner Alchemy Online Community (for 6 months) get support, share your breakthroughs, shine your light and connect with the group of like-minded women who are moving through this transformation with you (new life-long friendships have been known to spark here).

Ready to evolve into the next greatest version of yourself and watch your life transform before your eyes?